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Facebook Account Management

Facebook is currently the largest social media site in the world. It can deliver better engagement metrics (impressions, likes, comments, shares) than any other social media platform. It also targets users based on their location, age, interests, and more. Therefore, if you are looking for a specific segment, then Facebook is the place for your business.


Here is a look at what you can expect from our Facebook management services:

  • Copywriting

  • Content creation

  • Account set-up

  • Optimizing Business Page

  • Monthly analytics reports

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Instagram Account Management

Instagram is the most popular social networking app, after Facebook. A global platform that allows brands to humanize their content, recruit new talent, display products, and inspire audiences. Instagram can also help you grow your brand awareness and introduce new products.

Even with all these Instagram statistics, you may still be unsure of how to get started. We know the platform can be a little intimidating at first, and that is where we come in.

We offer Instagram account management services that can fit any small and mid-size companies’ budget. We also use relevant social media marketing strategies to help businesses grow their online presence, drive sales and build long-term relationships with new clients.

Our Instagram Account Management Services Includes:

  •  Copywriting.

  •  Post Designing and Content creation.

  •  Account set-up.

  •  Building a Content Marketing Strategy.

  •  Creating hashtag Lists.

  •  Monthly analytics reports.

YouTube Design.jpg

YouTube Account Management

YouTube is an online video-sharing platform and the second largest search engine next to Google. It is one of the best ways to communicate to a wide audience, whether you are promoting a service or simply providing information to viewers.

Video, search, social media, the most important 3 key elements for successful digital marketing, and we put them to good use for your brand with our YouTube marketing services, and they are as follows:

  • Creating and Branding YouTube Channel.

  • Optimizing Videos for SEO.

  • Setting Up YouTube Ad Campaigns.

There are several YouTube advertisings options that we recommend for businesses to choose from, and our video marketing specialists can help you decide what is going to be the most cost-effective for your business:

TrueView Video Discovery Ads – These videos can run on the YouTube search results and watch pages for both desktop and mobile versions. The ad unit consists of an image thumbnail and up to three lines of text. Clicking the ad will deliver a user to the YouTube watch or channel page to view the video rather than playing the video within the ad unit itself.

In-Stream Video Ads – These videos can run on videos served on YouTube or on a collection of sites and apps in the Google Display Network (GDN). These ads may also run on YouTube videos that are embedded on other sites or apps. They can also appear on Android and iOS YouTube apps, and on connected TVs. You can choose between skippable and non-skippable ads.

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